Remote Work in London: Starting Your Career with No Experience

Do you want to know how to get a remote job in London having no relevant experience? We’ve all been there: deep in the middle of a Google search hunting for remote work that is not too demanding in terms of experience or professional expectations. If you are at the beginning of your career path, here are some straightforward tips that will help you land the target job offer with ease.

Pick the Right Career Path

It is important to start off your job hunt on the right foot. Search for areas and occupations with plenty of vacancies for beginners in London on employment sites, such as technology, tech sales, digital marketing, or jobs that teach in-demand skills like management or appointment arranging. All of these careers are often available as remote positions for big international companies in London, such as Snap Inc., GitLab, Zoom, Epsilon, and many others.

Acquire the Skills You Need

Once you are done with defining your career path, move further and pay attention to the skills you need to land the job you want. It is enough to attentively check the descriptions of relevant vacancies and CVs of relevant applicants. There are more than enough online courses and training programs that will help you acquire the target skills.

Create a Portfolio

You do not necessarily need a lot of employment experience in order to create an outstanding CV. You can always make a resume that shows off your skills or your ability to rapidly acquire them. Come up with creative ways to show off your skills, and your school/ college/ university achievements that you are proud of.

Build and Expand Your Network

It’s important to have a strong network if you want to find a good job in London. You can stay up to date on the latest trends in your field and find out about new job openings if you have links in the field you want to work in and teachers you can ask for help. To start building your career network, here are some great tricks to follow

  • Begin with deliberate LinkedIn outreach, interacting with relevant people.
  • Collaborate with worldwide contacts to exchange best practices and generate new business prospects.
  • Join professional organisations and use networking sites to communicate with others.
  • Attend networking events, both real and virtual, to meet new people and rekindle relationships;
  • Use social media to grow your network.

As you expand your professional network, you get more trust and loyalty from your potential employers as you are seeking remote part time opportunities in London. In this case, your chances of getting a job offer are getting higher.

Apply for Jobs Strategically

You should first start with your mindset. Acknowledge your abilities, embrace challenges, identify key aspects of a job that are important to you, set concrete goals, and ensure alignment with your career development plan. Focus on quality, maintain a strong digital presence, customise your application for each job, and network effectively.

Let’s Wrap up

Finding a remote job in London is tricky. The situation gets especially tough if you lack relevant experience. But you can get it solved if you follow the above tricks. Get a job that you can do from home even if you have no experience. Remember that if you want to get your dream online job, you need to be persistent, keep learning, and network well. This is true whether you are just starting in your career or making a change.

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