Revealing the Winners of the 2024 Independent Education Awards

The 2024 Independent Education Awards have spotlighted the remarkable achievements and innovations within the independent education sector. This year, we’re excited to celebrate those who have not only participated but truly led the way in reshaping educational experiences for diverse learning needs.

Our 2024 Independent Education Awards Winners

Willow & Puddifoot, recognised as the Best UK Independent Education Provider, brings transformative leadership and personal effectiveness training to organisations worldwide. They tailor each programme to meet the specific needs of their clients, thereby creating healthier workplace environments that are conducive to personal and professional growth. Their training is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about changing lives through better leadership practices.

Louise Puddifoot, Founder of Willow & Puddifoot

At Passion HR Ltd, awarded for Best Staff Training and Development, their commitment to enhancing healthcare education shines through their extensive community of trainers and healthcare experts. Their accredited training programmes not only elevate the professional standards within the healthcare sector but also foster a sustainable community of ongoing learning and support. The company’s focus on quality and accessible training ensures that healthcare professionals are well-equipped to meet the demands of their roles.

Biomed Laboratory Training, the winner of the Triumph Over Adversity award, was established by Osman Perwaiz during a critical time when the COVID-19 pandemic had severely impacted the biomedical sector. Faced with job loss and a lack of practical training opportunities for graduates, Osman converted his garage into a makeshift laboratory. This initiative provided essential hands-on experience to biomedical science graduates who were struggling to find employment due to a lack of practical skills. From these humble beginnings, the project has grown into a professional training facility at the Royal Veterinary College, empowering new graduates to bypass traditional barriers to entry in the biomedical field and directly contribute to healthcare professions.

Osman Perwaiz, Founder of Biomed Laboratory Training, Our Triumph Over Adversity award winner

The Excellence in Accessible Education For All award was deservedly won by SW Hair Training Academy. They have established a dynamic learning environment that empowers students to excel through practical skills development and a passionate commitment to student success, making education both accessible and transformative for aspiring hairstylists. Their courses are designed to not only teach but also to inspire creativity and innovation in hairstyling.

The award for Most Individualised Education goes to Back to Basics Bushcrafters CIC. They uniquely integrate national curriculum activities into outdoor learning, enhancing educational outcomes through experiential learning in natural settings. Their approach not only makes learning more engaging but also instils a deeper appreciation for the environment among students, encouraging them to learn and explore beyond the traditional classroom.

GRS Maths Tutoring has been named the Fastest Growing ILP, celebrated for its personalised tutoring approach that significantly enhances students’ mathematical understanding and performance. Geraint’s tutoring sessions are designed to build confidence and foster a love for mathematics, which is often seen as a challenging subject. His success lies in making maths enjoyable and accessible to all his students.

Geraint Rhys Sibley, the GRS in GRS Maths Tutoring and Winner of Fastest Growing ILP

Tertulia Language takes home the Best Family Business award, providing a compelling example of resilience and success in the language education sector despite challenging economic times. Their innovative and engaging language programmes have not only increased their business growth but also significantly enriched the linguistic skills of their students, proving that passion and perseverance can lead to success in education.

2024 Independent Education Awards Finalists

  • Passion HR Ltd – Best Family Business, Triumph Over Adversity
  • Biomed Laboratory Training – Best UK Independent Education Provider
  • Willow & Puddifoot – Best Staff Training and Development, Fastest Growing ILP
  • Back to Basics Bushcrafters CIC – Excellence in Accessible Education For All
  • GRS Maths Tutoring – Most Individualised Education

Reflecting on Our Achievements

As we celebrate the 2024 Independent Education Awards, we are inspired by the dedication, innovation, and resilience displayed by each winner and finalist. Their contributions have not only advanced their specific areas of education but have also set new benchmarks for effective and inclusive learning practices.

The winners this year have demonstrated that educational excellence can be achieved through diverse strategies—from integrating practical skills into curricula to creating supportive and individualised learning environments. Their successes encourage ongoing innovation and adaptation within the education sector, ensuring that learning is both accessible and effective for all students.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists. Here’s to continuing to drive excellence in independent education!

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