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Securing Success: Celebrating the 2023 Security Awards Winners

At Business Awards UK, we are thrilled to unveil the winners and finalists of the 2023 Security Awards. These accolades are a testament to the crucial role played by the security sector in our society. By recognising the outstanding achievements in security solutions and services, we highlight the innovation, dedication, and excellence that these firms and individuals bring to the industry, reinforcing its vital contribution to public safety and security.

Business Awards UK Security Awards 2023 Winners

Gent Security Ltd, established in 2016, has been named the Best Security Guarding Company. Known for their distinctive tweed jackets and professionalism, they provide top-tier security services across Scotland for luxury brands and private events.

Gent Security Management – Winners of Best Security Guarding Company 2023

LINK Security NW, honoured as the Best Family Run Security Company, delivers tailored security services across Blackpool, Preston, Manchester, and the North, emphasising a personalised approach to meet diverse security needs.

Gardant Security Ltd, standing out as the Security Company of the Year, demonstrates a commitment to quality, safety, and customer service. With SIA accreditation and a focus on quality management, Gardant has quickly become a leader in the South West security services.

Gardant Security Systems – Winners of Security Company of the Year 2023

For the Best Security Technology Innovation, Fairtech Solutions takes the spotlight. Their focus on Cyber Security, Safeguarding and Wellbeing, and Network and Device Management highlights their expertise in providing technology solutions to protect and manage organisations effectively.

ISON Security Ltd has been awarded the Best Managed Security Service Provider. With over 25 years of experience, their family-like approach ensures clients, guests, and customers are treated with respect and care, providing a comprehensive range of security services.

In Excellence in Risk Management, CultureAI stands out. Their adventurous, passionate, and innovative approach to human risk management in the cybersecurity industry sets them apart, fostering trust and confidence in their solutions.

CultureAI – Winners of Excellence in Risk Management 2023

Business Awards UK Security Awards 2023 Finalists

  • Gent Security Ltd – Finalist for Security Company of the Year
  • Gardant Security Ltd – Finalist for Best Security Technology Innovation
  • LINK Security NW – Finalist for Security Company of the Year, Best Managed Security Service Provider
  • ISON Security Ltd – Finalist for Best Security Guarding Company
  • Broadstone Risks – Finalist for Excellence in Risk Management

The 2023 Security Awards are a testament to the remarkable achievements and dedication of these companies and individuals, playing a pivotal role in enhancing security standards and introducing innovative solutions. Their commitment to safeguarding and advancing the security sector paves the way for future developments and continued excellence.

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