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Shaping the Future: 2024 Construction and Engineering Award Winners Lead the Way

The 2024 Construction and Engineering Awards have once again illuminated the landscape of British construction and engineering, showcasing a cadre of winners who are not just building structures but are constructing the future of our industry. From groundbreaking safety initiatives to stellar customer service, these awardees are laying down the foundations for a more innovative, sustainable, and customer-focused tomorrow.

Our Esteemed 2024 Construction and Engineering Award Winners

When it comes to transforming visions into reality, Joshua Lewis Carpentry & Construction Ltd has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and craftsmanship, rightfully earning them the 2024 Construction Company of the Year. Their bespoke projects underscore the beauty of blending traditional techniques with modern innovation.

Joshua Lewis Carpentry & Construction Ltd, Winner of 2024 Construction Company of the Year

In a commendable effort to place mental health at the forefront of construction site safety, On The Tools emerged victorious with the Health and Safety Excellence Award. Their campaign, ‘Behind the High-Vis’, has sparked crucial industry-wide conversations, proving that the strongest structures are supported by the well-being of those who build them. On The Tools is home to the UK’s largest and most engaged construction community, and using their platform to encourage positive change in the industry is to be wholeheartedly celebrated.

On The Tools, Winner of the Health and Safety Excellence Award

RTC – Remedial Treatment Consultants have crafted a legacy not just through the structures they build but through the lasting relationships they forge. Winning the 2024 Contractor of the Year, their ethos of placing customer service at the heart of everything they do has resonated across the sector, establishing new benchmarks for customer satisfaction.

Championing exceptional customer experiences, Craig Stott Installations Ltd, with their bespoke bathroom installations, has shown that understanding and delivering on client visions can create spaces that are not just functional but truly transformative, earning them the Exceptional Customer Satisfaction award.

Craig Stott Installations, Winner of Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

The Outstanding Civil Engineering Project was masterfully secured by GPS Marine and Civil Services Ltd. Their innovative approaches to marine and civil engineering projects are not just about overcoming technical challenges but about setting new standards for the industry’s future.

With a keen eye for sustainability and innovation, Valcan has led the charge in developing non-combustible cladding materials, marking a significant step forward in building safety and environmental responsibility, rightfully earning them the 2024 Construction Supplier of the Year award. Find out more about Valcan from their video, below.

Valcan, Winners of Innovation in Construction Materials

For their unparalleled dedication to preserving history while integrating modern restoration techniques, Core Conservation Ltd has been honoured with the Best Renovation/Restoration Project award. Their work exemplifies how respecting the past can be beautifully harmonious with contemporary demands and sustainability.

Providing impeccable engineering consultancy, Honeywell Survey & Design Ltd. has carved a niche for themselves. Their commitment to blending traditional surveying with cutting-edge technology has set them apart as the Best Engineering Consultancy, guiding projects to success with precision and innovation.

As a testament to the power of family values and a shared commitment to quality, Mervyn Rose Engineering has been celebrated as the Best Family Business. Their story is one of resilience, quality workmanship, and the enduring strength of family.

Leading the engineering realm with a blend of excellence and community service, SMC Plumbing and Heating has been named the 2024 Engineering Firm of the Year. Their comprehensive services highlight the significance of expertise and dedication in fostering community well-being. SMC aren’t strangers to winning awards, either – so congratulations to the team for this latest accolade.

The innovation and aesthetic prowess of Aliva UK have been rightly recognised with the Innovation in Construction Materials award. Their forward-thinking approach to façade design, particularly the bespoke 3D terracotta tiled ceramic veil for a prominent educational institution, showcases an unparalleled blend of creativity and functionality, paving the way for future architectural marvels.

Floor Cure UK Ltd, our Rising Star Award winner, has quickly distinguished itself with its innovative solutions in floor restoration. Their rapid ascent in the industry underscores a profound commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, demonstrating that even the ground we walk on can be a canvas for innovation and artistry.

Floor Cure UK, Rising Star Award Winner
Floor Cure UK, Rising Star Award Winner

The Residential Development of the Year award goes to Keepmoat Homes for their Dominion project, a masterclass in community-focused development. This project not only delivered high-quality homes but also fostered a vibrant community, showcasing Keepmoat Homes’ dedication to enhancing lives through thoughtful development.

IN A JAM has distinguished itself with its commitment to sustainable construction, meriting the Green Building Initiative of the Year award. Their approach promotes the use of green technologies and sustainable practices, demonstrating that construction can progress with minimal environmental impact. This focus not only advocates for ecological responsibility but also sets a practical example for the industry, marrying construction with environmental care.

IN A JAM, Winners of Green Building Initiative of the Year and Excellence in Sustainable Infrastructure.

Building on their green credentials, IN A JAM also secured the Excellence in Sustainable Infrastructure award. The accolade reflects their effective use of EcoSync, a platform that enhances project management with an emphasis on sustainability. By improving the efficiency of resources and reducing waste, IN A JAM contributes to lowering the carbon footprint of construction projects. These awards together highlight IN A JAM’s commitment to integrating sustainability into their operations, offering a model for how the sector can evolve towards a more environmentally friendly approach.

Honouring Our Finalists

Our finalists have also set high standards with their contributions to the industry.

  • Balfour Beatty – Health and Safety Excellence Award Finalist, Outstanding Civil Engineering Project Finalist
  • Joshua Lewis Carpentry & Construction Ltd – Best Renovation/Restoration Project Finalist
  • Craig Stott Installations Ltd – 2024 Construction Company of the Year Finalist
  • Core Conservation Ltd – Innovation in Construction Materials Finalist
  • Mervyn Rose Engineering – 2024 Construction Company of the Year Finalist
  • Shaw’s Plumbing And Heating Limited – Best Family Business Finalist
  • DL Gas & Maintenance Ltd – 2024 Engineering Firm of the Year Finalist
  • Sealantonline Ltd. – 2024 Construction Supplier of the Year Finalist
  • Aliva UK – Green Building Initiative of the Year Finalist
  • Wood Flooring Kent – Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Finalist, Rising Star Award Finalist
  • Sanderson construction group Ltd – Health and Safety Excellence Award Finalist
  • Cuckfield Roofing & Leadwork – Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Finalist, Best Family Business Finalist
  • Floor Cure UK Ltd – Best Renovation/Restoration Project Finalist, 2024 Contractor of the Year Finalist
  • Rubik Builders Limited – Excellence in Sustainable Infrastructure Finalist
  • CharterHouse Surveyors Ltd – Best Engineering Consultancy Finalist
  • EV Blocks Ltd – Innovation in Construction Materials Finalist
  • Searchland – 2024 Construction Supplier of the Year Finalist

Building Tomorrow

As we reflect on the achievements of this year’s winners, we’re reminded of the boundless potential within the construction and engineering sectors to innovate, inspire, and improve our world. The 2024 Construction and Engineering Awards have not only celebrated individual excellence but have also shone a spotlight on the collective drive towards creating a safer, more sustainable, and client-centric future.

These accolades, from addressing mental health on the construction site to pioneering sustainable materials, underline a sector that is increasingly aware of its impact on the world and its inhabitants. As we lay the groundwork for future projects and partnerships, let’s carry forward the lessons learned and the standards set by this year’s remarkable winners.

Here’s to building a brighter, more innovative tomorrow, brick by brick, beam by beam.

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