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South Yorkshire’s Business Successes: 2023 Award Winners

The 2023 South Yorkshire Business Awards are a celebration of the region’s industrial legacy and its evolving business landscape. These awards recognise the businesses in South Yorkshire that have shown remarkable innovation, resilience, and commitment to driving forward the region’s economy.

Your Award-Winning Businesses and Individuals

The Cybersecurity Company of the Year Award goes to DigitalXRAID. Their cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and commitment to protecting digital assets have set them apart as leaders in the industry.

Recognised as the Lettings Agent of the Year, Elite Property has demonstrated excellence in property management and customer service, setting a high standard in the real estate sector.

IPS Group UK claims the Most Innovative Tech Business of the Year Award. Their groundbreaking technological advancements and innovative solutions have significantly contributed to the tech industry in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation receives the Social Impact Initiative of the Year Award. Their commitment to creating positive change and supporting local communities has made a substantial impact in the region.

The Veterinary Clinic of the Year Award is awarded to The Pet Vet Doncaster. Their dedication to animal care and welfare, along with their top-notch veterinary services, have established them as a leading pet care provider.

In the construction sector, Barratt Homes – Riverdale Park has been named Builder of the Year. Their quality construction, innovative design, and sustainable building practices have set new benchmarks in the building industry.

Finally, the Childcare Provider of the Year Award goes to Rainbow Day Care – Hoyland. Their exceptional childcare services and commitment to early childhood development have distinguished them as a top provider in the region.

The 2023 South Yorkshire Business Awards celebrate the diverse and dynamic business landscape of South Yorkshire. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements and for setting new standards of excellence in their respective fields.

We eagerly anticipate their continued growth and the positive contributions they will continue to make in South Yorkshire.

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