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Spotlight on Bristol: 2023’s Business Champions

Bristol, a city synonymous with innovation and cultural richness, has outdone itself in the 2023 Bristol Business Awards. These awards are a testament to the city’s flourishing business environment, where creativity meets commerce. Today, we honour the visionaries and pioneers who are redefining the commercial landscape of Bristol.

These accolades reflect our deep appreciation for their entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and dedication to excellence. Let’s come together to celebrate these outstanding businesses and individuals who are not only setting new standards but also shaping the future of business in Bristol.

Recognising Remarkable Businesses and Leaders

In the category of Best Pet Grooming Business, the spotlight falls on Groomer Has It. Their exceptional pet grooming services have pampered pets all over Bristol, and their dedication to four-legged clients is truly commendable.

Next, we acknowledge the remarkable achievements of Tracey Church from H Beauty, our Businesswoman of the Year. Tracey’s outstanding leadership and contributions to Bristol’s business community make her an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

For Commercial Cleaning Service of the Year, the award goes to Dead Clean Mobile Valeting. Their dedication to maintaining cleanliness in Bristol is evident in their work, and they continue to shine in their field.

In the category of Family Business of the Year, we celebrate the success of The Orthodontic Company (TOC Dental). Their commitment to supporting oral health through excellence in the supply of specialist dental and orthodontic equipment sees their company thriving.

The title of Residential Sales Estate Agent of the Year is proudly claimed by DSB Estate Agents. Their in-depth knowledge of Bristol’s real estate market has made them a trusted partner for those looking to buy or sell property.

For Security Company of the Year, we salute the expertise of ISON Security Ltd in safeguarding businesses and individuals in Bristol. Their unwavering commitment to security sets them apart.

In the category of Small Manufacturer of the Year, we recognise the contributions of Plant-Ex Ingredients Ltd. Their dedication to manufacturing excellence is a testament to their success in Bristol and beyond.

Finally, in the category of Specialist Vehicle Services – Best Bodywork Specialist, we admire the craftsmanship and skills of South West Kustom & Restoration. Their expertise in vehicle bodywork is nothing short of artistry, leaving Bristol’s vehicles looking their best.

We are immensely proud to share these stories of dedication, innovation, and success. Each of them has demonstrated unwavering commitment and excellence in their respective fields, showcasing how businesses and individuals can drive innovation and contribute to the prosperity of Bristol.

Let’s applaud the achievements of these outstanding businesses and leaders – the cornerstones of Bristol’s thriving business community.

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