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Spotlight on Wellbeing: Celebrating the Pioneers of Health Excellence in 2023

In an era where the emphasis on health and wellbeing has never been more pronounced, the Health and Wellbeing Awards serve as a beacon, highlighting the tireless efforts and innovative solutions of organisations and individuals within this sector. The roster of this year’s winners and finalists exemplifies resilience, innovation, and a genuine commitment to enhancing health and wellness for all.

Leading Lights of the 2023 Wellbeing Landscape

Recognised as the Best Newcomer, 4e Clinic has evolved from its humble beginnings in 2016 as a modest nutritionist practice. They have embraced areas such as diet and sports nutrition, even branching out to create their sister company, 4e Nutrition. This expansion has allowed them to delve into sports therapy and acupuncture, cementing their role as a holistic wellness hub.

Offering a holistic approach to ADHD and Autism and clinching the Triumph Over Adversity award is ADHD Direct. Their unwavering dedication to top-notch service and heightened awareness has touched countless lives.

With a legacy that traces back to 2008 and cutting-edge AI-backed systems, C2-Ai has reshaped the way hospitals globally view patient care. Their achievements have earned them the Best Use of Technology award, showcasing the transformative power of tech in healthcare.

In a remarkable feat, Lake House Kent has earned recognition not just once, but twice, as both the Best Wellbeing Retreat and Best Team Building Retreat. The visionary ideals of Lisa and Steve have brought forth holistic therapies and retreats that harmonise with the demands of our modern world.

Highlighting the importance of both internal organisational culture and external service, Healthy Stuff has been named the Best Company to Work For.

With a mission rooted in deep purpose, Laura G Therapy Ltd has been acknowledged for making the Most Positive Community Impact. Their therapeutic services stand as a beacon of hope for many, especially during tough times.

Under the seasoned guidance of Charlotte Radcliffe, The Nutrition Consultant Ltd. merges nutrition acumen with powerful digital outreach, earning them the title of Most Influential On Social Media.

Valuing employee wellbeing above all, Proofpoint stands out by championing the Best Employee Wellness Programme. This highlights the integral relationship between a company’s strength and its dedication to the health of its employees.

Caroline Sargent, our esteemed winner for the Best Health And Wellbeing Coach category, has piloted BOUNCE Coaching & Development Ltd towards notable success. Her leadership underscores the transformative power of tailored coaching.

Saluting the Standouts: 2023 Health Finalists

Academy HQ has made significant strides, becoming a finalist for the Most Positive Community Impact award. Deeper Connections UK shares the spotlight in this category, showcasing their community-centred vision. Pretty Heavy Lifters shines as a dual nominee, making the shortlist for both the Triumph Over Adversity and Best Health And Wellbeing Coach awards. Healthy Stuff, although the winner for Best Company to Work For, also showcased its tech-savviness as a finalist in the Best Use of Technology category.

Raising the Bar: Excellence in Wellbeing 2023

From ground-breaking technological advancements to innovative community initiatives, this year’s finalists and winners have illuminated the path of excellence in health and wellbeing. Their efforts not only elevate the industry’s standards but also inspire countless others to prioritise health and holistic well-being in their endeavours.

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