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Spotlighting the Leaders and Innovators: The 2023 Recruitment Awards Winners and Finalists

We’re thrilled to delve deeper into the individual and collective achievements of this year’s winners and finalists in the UK recruitment sector. As part of the UK’s fastest-growing business awards programme, we’ve seen a surge in high-quality entries, and we can’t wait to share more about these outstanding agencies and professionals.

Meet Your Esteemed 2023 Winners

Blue Bull Recruitment: The Disruptors of the Recruitment Industry

Blue Bull Recruitment - Business Awards UK Best Recruitment Partnership 2023 and Diversity Inclusion Champion 2023 Award Winners.

On a mission to redefine the recruitment landscape, Blue Bull Recruitment has earned its reputation as an industry disruptor. They streamline the hiring process for businesses and make job searching easier for candidates. With a vision driven by purpose, they’re committed to innovative solutions that positively impact people and businesses. Their groundbreaking approach has won them this year’s Best Recruitment Partnership and Diversity & Inclusion Champion awards.

Above and Beyond in Care: Hepzibar Care Agency

Winners of the Best Professional Services Recruitment Agency, Best Public Sector Recruitment Agency, and Recruitment Agency of the Year – Medium awards for 2023, Hepzibar Care Agency sets a high standard in healthcare recruitment. Their commitment to exceeding expectations is evident in their rigorous three-month training process for care workers, ensuring both qualification and compassion.

Founded on the principle of universal respect, Hepzibar has become a preferred supplier of nursing staff throughout England. Their mission is to provide high-quality, professional care that upholds the individuality, independence, and dignity of each service user. This is achieved through comprehensive staff training and ongoing assessments, solidifying their reputation for quality and regulatory excellence.

Specialists in Sales Recruitment: Citrus Connect

Citrus Connect Sales Recruitment Specialists

With a keen eye for top talent, Citrus Connect has carved out a niche as specialists in sales recruitment. Their expertise goes beyond mere candidate sourcing; they assess for skills, character, and cultural fit, ensuring that each hire is a holistic match for your team. Staying ahead of industry trends and building extensive networks, they’re adept at identifying sales talent capable of driving organisational growth. Their comprehensive approach has garnered them awards for Best Sales & Marketing Recruitment Agency and Best National Recruitment Agency this year.

Changing the Game in Catering Staffing: Hospitality Catering Recruitment

Winners of the 2023 Best Client Support and Best Staff Training awards, Hospitality Catering Recruitment brings over 35 years of industry experience to the table. Founded to address common staffing issues, they offer a tailored, 24/7 service to a diverse client base across Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Lincolnshire. Their commitment to quality and client support sets them apart, making them a go-to choice for staffing needs in the catering and facilities sectors.

More Than Numbers: The Human Approach of Culture Recruitment

Culture Recruitment

In an industry often driven by metrics, Culture Recruitment stands out for its human-centric approach. They’re not just filling positions; they’re building meaningful connections with partners, clients, and candidates. Each consultant at Culture Recruitment is genuinely invested in the future of the candidates they place, the growth of the businesses they collaborate with, and the well-being of their own team. It’s this authentic care that has earned them the Best Workplace Environment award this year.

Making Change Work for You: Talent Locker

Winners of the 2023 Best Specialist Recruitment Agency and Most Innovative Recruitment Agency awards, Talent Locker is committed to driving change in the recruitment landscape. Founded by Richard and Martyn in 2015, the agency has built a strong reputation for deeply understanding the hopes, aspirations, and goals of both clients and candidates. Specialising in technology, change & transformation, and workplace sectors, they offer a truly consultative experience that’s both personalised and positive.

Tailored Solutions and Core Values: Recruitment Pro

Winners of the 2023 Best Newcomer Agency and Best Flexible Work Strategy awards, Recruitment Pro offers tailored recruitment solutions across various sectors. Guided by their “4 powerful P’s” of Passion, Professionalism, Performance, and Partnerships, they maintain high standards throughout the recruitment process, from temporary warehouse roles to permanent managerial positions.

Building Long-Term Relationships: DMOS People

DMOS People

Specialising in industrial recruitment, DMOS People has built its success on fostering enduring relationships with both clients and jobseekers. Operating from their Shrewsbury head office, they offer a range of placement services—temporary, temp-to-perm, and permanent—across various sectors. Their reach extends throughout Shropshire, Staffordshire, and the West Midlands. It’s this commitment to long-term partnerships that has won them the Recruitment Agency of the Year – Small award for 2023.

A Truly Integrated Partnership: Resource Finder

Honoured as the Recruitment Industry Leader of the Year for 2023, Resource Finder offers a full end-to-end recruitment service with a focus on medical and healthcare professionals. Their approach is rooted in four core values: Care, Integrity, Respect, and Honesty. This ethical framework not only guides their recruitment process but also extends to ongoing pastoral care for candidates and transparent, integrated partnerships with clients.

A People-Driven Approach: Fusion People

At Fusion People, recruitment is more than just a numbers game; it’s a personality-driven endeavour. Their unique approach sets them apart from competitors, allowing them to offer clients innovative solutions. With a collective experience of over 100 years in recruitment, their pedigree is unmatched, giving them a strong foundation to draw upon. This collaborative spirit extends to their work culture, where they operate both independently and as a team, balancing corporate stability with individuality. Their people-centric and collaborative approach has earned them the Best Engineering Recruitment Agency award this year.

Fusion People

Quality and Commitment: Huntsman Recruitment

Winners of the 2023 Best Candidate Care and Recruitment Agency of the Year – Temporary awards, Huntsman Recruitment has a decade-long track record in West Yorkshire. Specialising in multiple sectors, their hands-on approach focuses on quality staff and enduring client relationships. Their adaptability and consultative approach set them apart in the recruitment landscape.

Leading Progress Through People: Templeton & Partners

Winners in multiple categories, including Recruitment Agency of the Year – Large, Best Health & Wellbeing Strategy, and Best International Recruitment Agency, Templeton & Partners are true disruptors in the recruitment industry. Driven by a vision to unite the best digital technology specialists with global organisations, they aim to build an inclusive, sustainable world. With values like unity, accountability, proactivity, tenacity, and excellence at the core of their operations, they offer accredited, fast, and high-quality IT resourcing solutions. Their commitment to excellence ensures that they not only meet but often exceed client and candidate expectations.

Community Focus and Global Impact: True North Consulting Group Ltd

Winning multiple awards including Recruitment Agency of the Year – Start-Up, Recruitment Agency of the Year – Micro, and Best Recruitment Agency Website, True North Consulting Group Ltd is more than just a recruitment service; it’s a community builder. With a mission to make people truly happy at work, they focus on face-to-face community events to foster genuine connections. They offer a quality consultancy service that helps individuals navigate their career paths effectively. Beyond recruitment, their Placement Pledge includes social responsibility initiatives like vaccine donations and tree plantations, making them a company that truly aims to make a positive impact globally.

True North

A Spotlight on the 2023 Recruitment Awards Finalists

The finalists of the Recruitment Awards 2023 represented a high level of excellence in the recruitment industry. Their achievements and innovative approaches have earned them well-deserved recognition.

  • Blue Bull Recruitment Ltd: Finalist for Best National Recruitment Agency
  • Citrus Connect Recruitment: A double finalist for Best Specialist Recruitment Agency and Best Recruitment Partnership
  • People Group: Finalist for Best Flexible Work Strategy
  • Platform Recruitment: Finalists for Best Engineering Recruitment Agency and Best Candidate Care
  • Recruitment Pro: A finalist for Recruitment Agency of the Year – Micro
  • Talent Locker: Shortlisted for Recruitment Agency of the Year – Small
  • Templeton & Partners: A finalist in two categories, Most Innovative Recruitment Agency and Diversity & Inclusion Champion
  • This Is Prime: Finalist for Recruitment Agency of the Year – Micro
  • True North Consulting Group Ltd: Recognised as a finalist for Best Client Support

The 2023 Recruitment Awards have been nothing short of a celebration of ingenuity, commitment, and transformative practices within the recruitment industry. As we wrap up this year’s awards, it’s inspiring to reflect on the numerous agencies and professionals who have set new benchmarks in their respective domains. From Blue Bull Recruitment’s disruptive strategies that earned them the titles of Best Recruitment Partnership and Diversity & Inclusion Champion, to Hepzibar Care Agency’s all-encompassing commitment to quality and regulatory excellence, this year’s winners have truly redefined what excellence means in the context of recruitment.

It is also essential to recognise that beyond the core business of recruitment, some agencies have taken it upon themselves to drive social and global impact. True North Consulting Group Ltd, for example, extends its mission beyond recruitment to include community-building and social responsibility initiatives such as vaccine donations and tree plantations. Their multipronged approach has earned them several awards, including Recruitment Agency of the Year – Micro and Best Recruitment Agency Website, emphasising that they are not just another recruitment service, but a force for positive change.

As we close this chapter and look forward to the next year, it’s clear that the UK’s recruitment sector is teeming with leaders keen to push the boundaries, enhance industry standards, and make a genuine difference. The 2023 Recruitment Awards has illuminated the path for what is possible when professionals come together to innovate and collaborate. We eagerly await what these trailblazers will bring to the industry in the coming years. Thank you for joining us in celebrating these remarkable achievements!

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