Spotlighting the Winners of the 2023 West Midlands Business Awards

A business community in the very heart of England, the 2023 West Midlands Business Awards recognise the region’s dynamic business environment. Celebrating those who have contributed to making the West Midlands a hub of industry, innovation, and commerce, these awards showcase the diversity and resilience of its business community.

Your Award-Winning Businesses and Individuals

Resurgence Novels has been recognised as the Best Company to Work For. Their commitment to creating a positive and dynamic work environment has set them apart as a leader in employee satisfaction and corporate culture.

In the field of professional development, Multiply Coaching has earned the Best Professional Development Training Award. Their innovative training programs and commitment to professional growth have made a significant impact in the business community.

Smile Education claims the title of Best Recruitment Agency of the Year for Temporary Placements. Their dedication to connecting talented individuals with suitable roles has established them as a top recruitment agency in the region.

The Business Training and Education Awards – CEO / Director of the Year Award goes to School of Coding. Their leadership and contributions to coding education have been pivotal in advancing tech skills and education.

Prorizon Ltd receives the Most Innovative Fitness Program of the Year Award. Their groundbreaking approach to fitness and wellness technology has significantly contributed to the industry.

Recognised for their exceptional service, Midlands Carpet Cleaners has been awarded the Residential Cleaning Service of the Year Award. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has set a high standard in the cleaning services sector.

Finally, the Triumph over Adversity Award is deservedly won by Born2Sing. Their inspiring journey and achievements in overcoming challenges have made them a symbol of resilience and success.

The 2023 West Midlands Business Awards celebrate the diverse talents, innovative spirit, and entrepreneurial excellence within the West Midlands. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements and for setting new benchmarks of success in their industries.

We eagerly anticipate their continued growth and the positive impact they will bring to the West Midlands business community.

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