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Staffordshire’s Standout Firms: 2023 Business Awards

In the 2023 Staffordshire Business Awards, we turn our focus to a region where historical industries and modern enterprises coexist. Staffordshire’s business community, known for its diversity and adaptability, is honoured for their significant contributions to both the local and wider economic landscape.

Your Award-Winning Businesses and Individuals

TechCare has been named the IT Services Company of the Year. Their expertise in delivering top-notch IT solutions and services has established them as a leader in the technology sector.

In the creative field, BU Photography Studio has emerged as the Newcomer Photography and Videography Studio of the Year. Their artistic vision and exceptional talent in photography and videography have quickly set them apart in the industry.

The Best Recruitment Agency of the Year for Temporary Placements is awarded to Fay Mayer Recruitment. Their dedication to connecting skilled individuals with suitable roles has made a significant impact in the recruitment sector.

Park House Veterinary Centre takes home the Veterinary Clinic of the Year Award. Their commitment to providing excellent veterinary care and services has earned them a distinguished reputation in animal healthcare.

Finally, the Best Travel Company – Summer Holidays Award goes to Polka Dot Travel. Their exceptional service in planning and delivering memorable holiday experiences has established them as a premier travel company in Staffordshire.

The 2023 Staffordshire Business Awards celebrate the innovation, leadership, and commitment to excellence of the Staffordshire business sector. Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements and for setting new standards in their respective industries.

We look forward to their continued success and the positive impact they will bring to the Staffordshire business community.

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