Steering Success: Highlights from the 2024 Commercial Vehicle Awards

The 2024 Commercial Vehicle Awards have put the spotlight on standout performances within the UK’s commercial vehicle sector, celebrating companies that excel in sales, service, leadership, and innovation. This year’s awards recognised those who are setting new standards for the industry and advancing the quality of commercial vehicle operations.

Our 2024 Commercial Vehicle Award Winners

Truck and Plant Assets was recognised with the UK Commercial Vehicle Sales Company of the Year and Customer Service Excellence Award, marking their excellence in both market presence and client relationships. Their approach integrates comprehensive services that cover not just auctions but also asset management, vehicle storage, logbook management, and a personalised consultation process that ensures each customer receives tailored recommendations based on detailed understanding of their unique needs.

Their outstanding customer service extends beyond initial transactions. Truck and Plant Assets engages in transparent communication throughout the decision-making process, supports clients with after-sales services including delivery arrangements and documentation assistance, and actively seeks feedback to continuously improve the quality of their service. This dedication to customer care and the breadth of their offerings greatly contribute to their high client retention rates and underline why they’ve emerged as leaders in the UK commercial vehicle sector.

J Tech Vans Ltd earned the Leadership Award, reflecting their sustained growth and commitment to customer satisfaction. Over the years, J Tech Vans has successfully doubled its turnover by expanding its vehicle offerings and providing reliable services, which have been well-received both locally and internationally.

Cotswold Vans Limited received the Rising Star Award for their commitment to high-quality vehicle offerings and excellent customer service. Their diverse range of vehicles, from small vans to large commercial trucks, ensures they can meet a wide variety of customer needs, contributing to their rapid growth and solid market presence.

Hawkstone Farley Group Ltd was awarded the Fastest Financial Growth Award. Their transparent and honest approach to vehicle sales has not only increased their sales volumes but also built significant trust among their customers, demonstrating a successful business model in today’s competitive market.

Cybersecurity and Resilience Awards Finalists

  • Midlands Auto Fix – Finalist for the Customer Service Excellence Award
  • Cotswold Vans Limited – Finalist for the Leadership Award
  • J Tech Vans Ltd – Finalist for the Rising Star Award, Finalist for the Fastest Financial Growth
  • Truck and Plant Assets – Finalist for the UK Commercial Vehicle Sales Company of the Year
  • Hawkstone Farley Group Ltd – Finalist for the UK Commercial Vehicle Sales Company of the Year

Reflecting on the Achievements

As the 2024 Commercial Vehicle Awards conclude, the significance of solid business practices and customer-oriented services in the commercial vehicle sector is clear. This year’s winners and finalists have demonstrated these qualities by adapting to market needs, focusing on sustainable growth, and maintaining high standards of service.

Their approaches not only meet the immediate needs of their clients but also set new benchmarks for operational excellence in the industry. The 2024 Commercial Vehicle Awards serve to inspire others in the industry, proving that practical innovation and attentive service are key drivers of progress.

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