Steering Success: The Stars of the 2024 Driving Tuition Awards

The 2024 Driving Tuition Awards have set the benchmark for excellence in driving education across the UK, shining a light on institutions and instructors who exceed expectations in training and service quality. This year’s awards celebrated a diverse group of schools and trainers who have significantly enhanced driver safety and customer satisfaction.

Our 2024 Driving Tuition Award Winners

The Pass People have driven home the Intensive Driving Course Provider of the Year award, with a family-run ethos that reflects their commitment to high-quality, bespoke driving tuition across half the nation.

This year’s Most Trusted Driving Instructor award was deservedly won by JP Driving School, where the founder’s dedication and personal journey resonate deeply within the community, setting high standards for trust and professionalism.

Most Trusted Driving Instructor Award Winner, JP Driving School

Drive 4 Pass clinched the Driving Tuition Rising Star Award, noted for their high first-time pass rate and expansive service area in Greater Manchester, making quality driving instruction accessible to more learners.

Formula Jon Driving School stood out in customer care, earning them the Best Client Satisfaction award. Their approach, rooted in a former police officer’s commitment to safe driving, has resonated well with their clientele.

Best Client Satisfaction Award Winner, Formula Jon Driving School

Drive It School of Motoring, the Newcomer Driving School of the Year, quickly became the largest in West Somerset, praised for their high pass rates and specialisation in training nervous and anxious learners.

NGT Driver Training‘s deep commitment to quality HGV instruction brought them the Driving Instructor of the Year award, highlighting their exceptional standards and dedication to preparing drivers for robust careers.

Driving Instructor of the Year Award Winner, NGT Driver Training

Retro Commercial Training earned the Advanced Driving Instructor of the Year award, with their tailored training programs in LGV instruction marking a significant contribution to professional driving education.

2024 Driving Tuition Awards Finalists

  • L to P Driving School – Best Client Satisfaction
  • JP Driving School – Driving Instructor of the Year
  • Drive UK Driving School – Advanced Driving Instructor of the Year
  • [Golden Mile Driving School]() – Intensive Driving Course Provider of the Year
  • Retro Commercial Training – Driving Tuition Rising Star Award
  • Drive Professional Driving School – Driving Tuition Rising Star Award
  • L to P Driving School – Most Trusted Driving Instructor

The Road Ahead

As we reflect on the outstanding achievements of this year’s winners and finalists, the 2024 Driving Tuition Awards not only highlight the importance of exceptional driver education but also encourage continuous improvement and innovation within the sector. These schools and instructors aren’t just teaching driving; they’re fostering safer roads and more confident drivers across the UK.

Their dedication to excellence and innovation in driving tuition ensures that learner drivers receive the best possible start to their driving journeys, fundamentally contributing to road safety and personal mobility.

We look forward to seeing how these exemplary providers will steer us into the future, continuing to raise standards and drive forward the essential work of road safety education.

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