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The 2023 Business Consultancy Awards Celebrate Excellence and Innovation in the Industry

Business Awards UK is thrilled to announce the winners and finalists of the 2023 Business Consultancy Awards, recognising the consultancies that are leading the way in innovation, customer focus, and transformative solutions. This year’s awards spotlight the consultancies that have shown exceptional skills, leadership, and contributions to various industry sectors.

2023 Business Consultancy Awards Winners and Finalists

Akeneo Ltd

Winner of the “Biggest Digital Transformation” award, Akeno Ltd is a beacon of innovation in the rapidly evolving business landscape. Founded by Kerry Thompson, a recognised expert in the automotive field, Akeno excels in turning skills and ambition into coherent strategies for positive change. With an approach that’s both consultative and dynamic, they have a proven track record in everything from operational process optimisation to complex change management. Their ethos of “bright and shining” reflects their commitment to empowering businesses, made evident through a robust yet agile programme management approach. Akeno stands out for answering the questions you didn’t even know to ask, truly embodying their focus on making the future bright for their clients.

Aztec Alliances

Aztec Alliances clinched the “Best Newcomer Business Consultancy” award and is a rising star in the business consultancy landscape. Founded by Varun Cruz with the vision of bridging global business gaps, Aztec has evolved from a one-man London-based venture into a multinational powerhouse. With a team spread across seven time zones, they offer round-the-clock strategic business solutions. Specialising in connecting diverse industries—from pharmaceuticals to aviation—they’ve facilitated over 7,000 meaningful connections, tailoring their services to businesses of all sizes. Their win is a testament to their dedication, global presence, and unwavering commitment to elevating businesses worldwide.

Billionaires in Boxers

Awarded “Best Business Consultancy for Marketing,” Billionaires in Boxers (BiB) is anything but conventional. Originally conceived as a television series, BiB has evolved into a groundbreaking consultancy that turns high-performers into serial-winners. Led by a philosophy of ‘give, give, get,’ they leverage the law of reciprocity to create a synergistic, winning environment. With an unyielding commitment to victory, they employ impactful techniques from both the business and sports worlds. Their strategy is not just about winning; it’s about revolutionising the journey to success. Humour infuses their interactions, fostering an audacious atmosphere where learning equates to earning. Above all, BiB stands as a testament to the power of passion, grit, and a dash of rebelliousness. Additionally, a special salute to Phil Pelucha of Billionaires in Boxers for winning the “Rising Star Award,” symbolising the incredible individual talents in the sector.

Board Assist

With an exceptional 37-year history in business leadership, Board Assist not only won the “Biggest Commercial Impact” award but also sets itself apart through its personalised approach to consultancy. Focused primarily on family-owned businesses, the team understands the unique dynamics and challenges that come with this territory. Eschewing group coaching for direct, discreet client support, Board Assist offers not just consultancy but a broader team of experts to tackle specific projects. With a team that has personally navigated the complexities of running family businesses, they are committed to being your trusted partner in achieving business goals. Their win underscores their unwavering commitment to driving commercial success for their clients.

Brighter Consultancy

Brighter Consultancy Limited, winner of both “Fastest Financial Growth” and “Industry Leader in International Business Consultancy” awards, is a luminary in change management and organisational transformation. Specialising in risk management, they provide the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of implementing new technologies and strategies. Brighter’s solutions are designed to minimise disruptions and mitigate risks, thereby driving sustainable growth and enhancing competitiveness. Their dual win at this year’s awards highlights their prowess in steering businesses towards financial growth and establishing themselves as a leader on the international stage.


With over 30 years of combined experience in the niche industry of lifting equipment design and manufacture, Britlift takes home the “Best Internal Leadership Development” award this year. Specialising in below the hook equipment design, manufacture, certification, testing, and supply, their highly qualified team offers unparalleled expertise. Quality and safety are their highest priorities, ensuring that each custom-designed lifting equipment solution is not only efficient but also the safest possible. Their win in this year’s awards underscores their commitment to fostering internal leadership while maintaining their strap line, “Innovation in Lifting.”

Carsis Consulting

With a focus on establishing inclusive market and business-purpose initiatives, Carsis Consulting is the proud recipient of this year’s “Social Value and Sustainability Award” and “Lone Wolf Business Consultancy” awards. Specialising in market-driven social impact initiatives, their expertise spans the entire innovation cycle—from conception to implementation. Carsis Consulting collaborates with a diverse range of organisations, from SMEs to large corporations and NGOs, ensuring meaningful social change. Their unique approach utilises Impact Networks and a systems perspective to tackle complex problems, making them a standout in their commitment to social value and sustainability.

Copacetic Business Solutions

Named “Chartered Business Consultant Of The Year,” Copacetic Business Solutions is an HR consultancy that excels in human resource management, employment law, and tribunal representation. The firm operates under the leadership of Dylan Loughlin, who brings a wealth of experience in employment law. With a focus on simplifying HR admin for their clients, they ensure all documents and procedures are in excellent order and compliant with current legislation. Based in Belfast, the team has garnered numerous accolades, including being shortlisted for various HR awards. Their scope has expanded to serve larger clients across Belfast, Dublin, England, and Wales, and they’ve recently added Health and Safety services to their portfolio.


Honoured with the “Most Intelligent Software” award, Foodb is revolutionising the hospitality sector with its comprehensive EPOS software. With a strong team of 35+ employees and over 1,000 satisfied customers, the company processes more than 10,000 monthly transactions and collaborates with 125+ innovative partners. Their mission focuses on enabling growth for both small and large hospitality businesses by fostering a network where merchants can thrive and explore limitless business opportunities.

KSB Technologies

Garnering the “Best Use of Technology” accolade, KSB Technologies stands as a testament to digital innovation. Founded in 2015, this UK-based powerhouse leverages Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies to pioneer industry-leading experiences. With a globally distributed team and eight years of hard-won expertise, they help clients tap into new markets and revenue streams. Their unique ‘Project Journey’ approach to project management underscores their commitment to excellence and transparent communication. Guided by a mission to fuel global business growth, KSB Technologies is your partner for comprehensive and seamless digital transformations.


Clinching both “Best Financial Business Consultancy” and “Fastest Growing Team” awards, Liqueo brings a fresh, transparent, and evident approach to asset and wealth management consulting. Staffed by seasoned professionals well-versed in leading technologies like Aladdin, Bloomberg, and Snowflake, they break away from the traditional vendor model to focus on client-specific solutions. Liqueo’s flexibility doesn’t stop at their technology suite; their highly-skilled workforce can adapt to full-time, part-time, or ad-hoc needs, ensuring that client projects are executed with maximum efficiency and success.


Earning the accolade for “Most Innovative Business Solutions,” Netrev is a powerhouse in integrated marketing, driving measurable outcomes like enhanced brand growth, website exposure, and revenue generation. With an active email subscriber base of 4 million, monthly content views hitting 15 million, and a staggering 10 million users engaged through push marketing, they’re a force to be reckoned with. It’s not just about numbers; a remarkable 65% of users return to shop, underlining Netrev’s efficacy in building brand loyalty and repeat business.


Clinching the “Rising Star Award,” Whitecap Consulting has carved a niche in providing strategic advice to the often overlooked segment of growing SMEs and mid-sized organisations. Established in 2012 by founder Richard Coates, Whitecap fills the void between the ‘Big 4′ consultancies and solo advisors. Recognising that many businesses outside London were underserved, they offer a balanced, practical, and affordable strategic support that’s just right for their clients’ needs.

Your Tender Team

Honoured as the “Industry Leader In UK Business Consultancy,” Your Tender Team is a game-changer in bid writing support, focusing on both the development and growth of their clients. The company thrives on its unparalleled expertise in crafting compelling, factual, and informative tender responses. With a clientele ranging from companies with a turnover of £100,000 to multi-billion-pound giants, their primary aim is to give each a winning edge. With an impressive track record, including £3 billion worth of client tenders won in the last year alone, their market-leading win rate speaks volumes.

Celebrating the Remarkable Finalists

The spotlight this year illuminates an exceptional group of finalists who have set new benchmarks in various sectors. Their contributions are just as noteworthy as those of our winners, and they deserve a grand applause for their efforts. The finalists include:

  • Akeno Ltd (Finalist for Most Innovative Business Solutions)
  • Aztec Alliances (Finalist for Best Business Consultancy for Marketing and Best Newcomer Business Consultancy)
  • Billionaires in Boxers (Finalist for Industry Leader in International Business Consultancy)
  • Board Assist (Finalist for Industry Leader in UK Business Consultancy)
  • Brighter Consultancy Limited (Finalist for Best for Customer Focus and Fastest Growing Team)
  • Exos Systems Limited (Finalist for Biggest Digital Transformation)
  • Foodb (Finalist for Best Use of Technology and Best Financial Business Consultancy)
  • KSB Technologies (Finalist for Industry Leader in UK Business Consultancy)
  • Liqueo (Finalist for Fastest Financial Growth)
  • The People Park Ltd (Finalist for Lone Wolf Business Consultancy)
  • The Small Business Handbook (Finalist for Biggest Commercial Impact and Social Value and Sustainability Award)
  • TribalHR (Finalist for Chartered Business Consultant of the Year)

Celebrating the Vanguard of Innovation and Excellence

This year’s Business Consultancy Awards serve as a luminous beacon, spotlighting the consultancies and individuals that are not just surviving but thriving in an ever-evolving landscape. From the winners to the finalists, each has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation, customer service, and sustainable solutions that have redefined what is possible in the consultancy sector.

The Ripple Effect of Achievement

These awards are more than just a moment of recognition; they are a catalyst for continued growth and transformation. The consultancies honored have set new, elevated benchmarks in areas as diverse as digital transformation, financial growth, and social sustainability. Their collective achievements ripple through the industry, inspiring peers and newcomers alike to aim higher, think deeper, and act with greater purpose.

The Future is Bright

The individual accolade for the Rising Star serves as a poignant reminder that the future of consultancy is in capable hands. Talent like Phil Pelucha of Billionaires in Boxers exemplifies the passion and ingenuity that will drive the sector forward, ensuring that the consultancy industry remains a cornerstone of global business innovation.

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