The 2023 Driving Tuition Awards Honours Outstanding Contributions to Driver Education

We’re excited to highlight the exceptional talent and unwavering dedication of the winners and finalists of the 2023 Driving Tuition Awards. This year’s awards pay tribute to those driving schools and instructors who have set themselves apart through their innovative teaching methods and commitment to excellence in driver education across the UK.

2023 Driving Tuition Awards Winners

HGV Training (Midlands) is crowned as Driving School of the Year. With over 30 years of experience, they offer personalised service and support, helping learners reach their goals with top-tier HGV & CPC training.

A notable achievement for Asia Driving School, awarded Newcomer Driving School of the Year. Known for their high-quality driving lessons and patient, supportive instructors, Asia Driving School provides a nurturing environment for learners, ensuring they progress at their own pace towards driving success.

Tunbridge Wells Driving School has been recognised as the Best New Driving Instructor. Their approach prioritises safety, structure, and enjoyment, providing one-to-one tuition with full insurance, a structured learning model, and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for learners.

In the category of Innovation in Driving Tuition, Drive Hart Limited takes the award due to their successful and fun approach to driver training. Directed by Sarah Hart, the school’s innovative methods and full online support ensure excellent pass results and a positive learning experience.

Chris Kelly Driving School clinches the Intensive Driving Course Provider of the Year Award. With a reputation for using the best ADIs and providing superb crash courses, they are known for getting learners test-ready in record time.

For the Driving Instructor of the Year and Community Engagement Award categories, Nexgen Driver Training takes home both. Their highly trained instructors provide a comprehensive approach to driving instruction, focusing on safer driving for life and community engagement.

And our winner for Regional Driving School of the Year is Drive 4 Pass. Their personalised service and commitment to supporting each learner’s unique journey make them a standout in the West Midlands.

Honouring the Finalists

The 2023 Driving Tuition Awards also recognised a talented group of finalists, each making significant contributions to the driving tuition sector:

  • Tunbridge Wells Driving School – Finalist for Newcomer Driving School of the Year
  • Drive Hart Limited – Finalist for Driving School of the Year, Community Engagement Award, Regional Driving School of the Year
  • GGO Driving School – Finalist for Driving Instructor of the Year
  • Nexgen Driver Training – Finalist for Newcomer Driving School of the Year
  • Skyline Driving School Leeds – Finalist for Driving Instructor of the Year
  • HGV Training (Midlands) Ltd – Finalist for Intensive Driving Course Provider of the Year
  • Drive 4 Pass – Finalist for Best New Driving Instructor, Innovation in Driving Tuition

In conclusion, the 2023 Driving Tuition Awards have not only celebrated the pinnacle of driving tuition excellence but have also recognised the creativity, passion, and dedication that these schools and instructors bring to their craft. Their influence extends far beyond the drivers seat, setting high standards for driving education in the United Kingdom. We look forwards to their continued contributions and the impact they will have on fostering skilled and safe drivers on the roads.

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