England Regional Awards - 48 Counties

The 2023 Regional Business Awards: Celebrating Local Businesses Across the Country

Join us all at Business Awards UK as we celebrate the exceptional achievements of businesses across England’s diverse regions with the conclusion of the 2023 Regional Business Awards. From the scenic coasts of Cornwall to the historic landscapes of Northumberland, from the vibrant business hubs in Shropshire to the entrepreneurial spirit of Suffolk, the Regional Business Awards have showcased the best in business from every corner of the country.

A Celebration of Business Achievements Across England

The Regional Business Awards offer a unique platform for SMEs and enterprises of all sizes to shine, highlighting their accomplishments in various sectors. These awards are not about the size or scope of a company; they are a tribute to the hard work, innovation, and dedication of businesses, whether they are operated by a solo entrepreneur or a team of many. The diverse range of categories ensures that every business, from local startups to international corporations, finds recognition.

In Partnership with Wessex Cancer Support

This year’s awards hold a special significance as they are in partnership with Wessex Cancer Support, an organisation committed to improving the lives of those affected by cancer in the Wessex region. Their vision is a future where everyone in Wessex has access to personalised support, empowering them to live well with and beyond cancer. Their values of compassion, purpose, inclusivity, and collaboration are not just pillars for their mission but resonate deeply with all of us at Business Awards UK.

Wessex Cancer Support’s work in engaging with local communities to improve emotional health and well-being is a testament to the power of collaborative efforts and community spirit, values that are echoed in the ethos of the businesses celebrated in these awards.

Explore the Regional Business Awards Winners

Click any of the region award winners links below to read more about the winners from each region. Delve into the stories of innovation, resilience, and success that these businesses represent, each contributing to the rich tapestry of England’s economic and cultural landscape:

A Year of Remarkable Business Stories

As the 2023 Business Awards UK draws to a close, we reflect on the remarkable stories of businesses across England. Each winner embodies the spirit of excellence, innovation, and community that these awards celebrate. Their achievements are not just a measure of business success but are also a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the potential that lies within England’s diverse business landscape. Here’s to the businesses that have made their mark this year, and to those who will continue to shape the future of industry and commerce in the years to come. We hope to see you again for next years Business Awards UK Regional Business Awards.

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