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West Sussex’s 2023 Business Leaders: Awards Showcase

The 2023 West Sussex Business Awards celebrate the accomplishments of businesses in a region known for its picturesque landscapes and economic vitality. This year, West Sussex’s diverse business community is honoured for their innovation, growth, and contribution to the county’s flourishing economy.

Your Award-Winning Businesses and Individuals

Little Barn Owls Nurseries has been awarded the Childcare Provider of the Year. Their commitment to providing outstanding early years education and care has set them apart as a leader in the childcare sector.

The Newcomer Family Business Award goes to Gargini Will Services. Their dedication to providing excellent services and the personal touch of a family-run business have quickly established them as a key player in their field.

Stellar Vets receives the Veterinary Clinic of the Year Award. Their exceptional veterinary care and dedication to animal welfare have made them a premier veterinary service provider in West Sussex.

Recognised for its culinary excellence, The Parsons Table has been named the Restaurant of the Year. Their outstanding cuisine, service, and ambiance have set them apart as a top dining destination in the region.

Finally, the Care Home of the Year Award is proudly awarded to Barlavington Manor. Their commitment to providing high-quality care and creating a nurturing environment for residents has earned them this prestigious recognition.

The 2023 West Sussex Business Awards celebrate the diverse talents and entrepreneurial spirit within the West Sussex business community. Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements and for setting new standards of excellence in their fields.

We look forward to their continued success and the positive contributions they will bring to the West Sussex business landscape.

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